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Attorney at Law Nevin Can

Born in Erzincan on 16.06.1968

Primary School Gesundbrunnen
Highschool : Lessing Gymnasium,

Marmara University Faculty of Law

Acceptance to Bar : 1990
Foreign Languages : German, English, Italian

Areas of Law Practised;

ok Commercial Law
ok International Trade Law
ok Law of Private Limited Companies
ok International Private Law (Family and inheritance law)
ok Family and Private Client Services
ok Real Estate and Construction Law
ok Intellectual Property Law
ok Law of enforcement
ok Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Nevin Can

Nevin Can

Attorney at Law Naime Nida Açıkalın

Naime Nida AçıkalınBorn in Hatay on 07.04.1966

Education :
Reyhanlı High School, Marmara University Faculty of Law

Acceptance to the profession of law : 1987

Areas of Law Practised;
ok Commercial and Corporate Law
ok Recovery
ok Bankruptcy and Insolvency
ok Litigation

Foreign Languages:
French and Arabic

The Professional colleagues we work with in Istanbul
Tünel Meydanı, Tünel Geçidi İşhanı B Blok 4/412 Beyoğlu - Istanbul
Tel : +90 212 293 18 48 - 249 37 98
Fax : +90 212 293 35 45

0ffice Assistant - Translator Nurcan Akçam

Born 1961 in Izmir - Turkey

Profession: Social Worker
Education: Elementary and Secondary i.Erlenbach
1976 – 1979 schooling for Hairstyling
1987 - 1989 Social Advisery School d.AWO – Bonn

Foreign Language: German / Translator

ok 1984 – 2007 Social Worker at f.Auslaender d. Stadt – Darmstadt/Hamburg

E-mail : nurcana@can-partner.com

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